We develop custom built solutions for clients of all sizes

ML Studio, Inc. is a custom software development company based in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Over the past 10 years we have worked on all sorts of technology oriented projects, with every size client. From creating a custom built recognition system which secured over $100 million of continued Federal government funding for the PR Department of Education, to native mobile app development for new startups.

Some of our projects

Mazola | Y&R | Cardiocart

Awards for this project
Cuspide 2015:

As part of a truly innovative project, we excecuted Y&Rs vision by creating a physical product that could be attached to a normal shopping cart. The device tracks the shopper's heart rate, and interacts with its environment, presenting information of healthy products within their line of sight.


The Puerto Rico Department of Education needed a fast, intelligent solution which could recognize hundreds of thousands of hand-written forms with zero errors in under a week. We developed a portal which received and processed the images, and reported the results to both the PRDE and their relevant providers.

Traffic Advertising

A well established well known presence in the promotional products industry. Traffic Advertising needed an attractive web site to establish their brand in virtual space.

Mazola | Y&R | De buen Corazon

Awards for this project
Cuspide 2015:

As part of their early 2015 advertising efforts Mazola created this web site to move people towards paying it forward. Y&R, one of the largest global advertising agencies, hired us to code their vision and implement the desired functionality. The campaign has been a great success!

Si no Corro me Pizza

As one of our first clients through the Context managed service, we created a beautiful website for this fantastic pizza place on Loiza street. Simplicity is the key here, with large professional photography and all the key information a visitor to the website could want.


Context is our social media content generation service. We developed an automatic content engine for use by our restaurant clients. Although currently focused on the food service industry, we have plans to make it accessible to all of our clients.


Bacardi | Y&R | Bacardi Triangle

Awards for this project
Cuspide 2015:

As part of a huge global event, this campaign invited Social Media users to disappear into the Bacardi Triangle. We executed Y&R digital's idea, by creating a monitoring system, alerts, and website, so that contestants would have to legitimately disappear from social media to compete.

CASP Case MAnagement

This quasi-judicial government agency had been looking for some time to modernize and bring ease of use to their existing case management system. Through our sister company ML Development, we developed a custom built tool, taking into account the legal complexity that these cases required as well as the input of the agency's staff.


As part of their launch efforts we were hired by Burea to develop and maintain, their iOS and Android apps. Due to our expertise in app development, as well as documented experience in dosument recognition, we were able to implement and launch a public beta within tewo months of taking the project.